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We had the extreme pleasure of hanging out with Karilyn and Joe for their special day a few weeks back. We knew when we first met, this couple would be a ton of fun. The weather was perfect for their wedding day, especially for the trolley ride between the church and the reception. Karilyn was radiant in her wedding dress and Joe; well all I can say is, he had awesome hair. Just kidding Joe, you rocked it that day as well!
The wedding party was made up of a mix of family and friends and this crowd sure knew how to PARTY! I even stepped out on the dance floor to get my groove on with the bride. It was such a blast working again with one of our favorite DJ’s, Fernando Bustamante.
Props also for the gorgeous flowers and neat lantern chandelier done by Anthology Studio. Cheers To Many Years, Karilyn and Joe! Congrats!

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Joe trying his hardest to get the ring on Karilyn’s finger.

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Rare moment that many don’t see at the back of the church.

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Awesome paper lantern chandelier by Anthology Studios.

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