Great photo shoot

A few days ago I collaborated on a photo shoot with great guy from New York City, Matthew Hamm.  He is an actor and wanted to do some character shots he could use to pass along to casting agents.  We picked an alley in Troy N.Y. that has this awesome rustic look to it.  The shots came out great and we both were surprised by the outcome.

The lighting was great and the snow reflecting from the ground helped light the scene.

Matt and I both liked this shot a lot.  It has a great movie feel to it.

Again, the snow reflecting from the ground made this shot.

Great lighting and a few snowflakes to add to the shot.

I couldn’t decide between the color or black and white.  They both came out great.

I think the rust color makes this color version rock.

There were so many more photos, but these were just a few of the favorites we picked out.  Great working with you Matt!

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