Erica’s HS Senior Session

Erica is a senior at Chatham HS and will be graduating this upcoming June.  The location for the session was their own yard, which was truly spectacular when it comes to backgrounds to shoot against.  Not only did they have a cool barn, but were right against a farm with such an interesting corn field and country road.  AMAZING!  Erica was such a blast to work with as well.  We joked and she laughed, and let me tell you about her faces.  You will notice a collage of “the faces of Erica.”  Enough said! She had Keith in hysterics with how goofy she was.  We wish you all the best Erica and know that you will have a very bright future.  Keep that humor; it is PRICELESS! 

LOVE those boots

Country road, CHECK

Cornfield, CHECK!  The light, OMG!

The MANY faces of Erica!  She was so funny!!  I love the corn eating one and HEY, give me back my reflector disc!

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