Dena & Ian’s Franklin Plaza Wedding Troy NY Wedding Photographer

This wedding was nothing short of AMAZING!  So was the couple we worked with, Dena and Ian.  They are two of the nicest people you will meet and they were game for anything on their wedding day.  Dena and her girls got ready in the bridal suite of the Troy Best Western, while Ian was down the hall doing the same with the boys.  We had a beautiful first look outside Franklin Plaza and noticed a ton of cars in the area.  Come to find out Troy was having their annual “Pig Out” festival.  If you’ve had photos done by Keith and Meghan, you know we love being creative in the moment and will do whatever it takes to make an awesome, memorable photos.  So do you think they got their pics done at the festival?  You bet they did and we all had a blast doing it.  Michael Fusco and his team from Franklin Plaza hit it out of the park making all the Bride’s dreams come true and it was truly a beautiful reception.  A special thanks to Michael for allowing us to steal away the Bride and Groom one more time to capture probably some of the most spectacular sunset shots we’ve done.  It was truly an awesome day.  Congrats again Dena and Ian and we wish you a beautiful marriage!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiate:  Tara Forkey (Groom’s cousin)          Venue:  Franklin Plaza Ballroom, contact: Michael Fusco          Cake:  Cuff’s Cakes          Music:  Patrick Bergeron from Metro Music          Flowers:  Party with Mia          Hair:  Morgan Ausfeld Lewandowski from Morgan Elana Salon and Christina from JT Cutting Co.          MU:  Kelsey from Premier Hair Lounge          Gown: Deanna’s Bridal Boutique          Mens’ Attire:  Tuxego, contact: Anthony Commisso          Rings:  Glennpeter Jewelers          Video:  LaRose Media, contact: Lauren Rose          Invitations:  Christian Salmonsen (friend)

Check out the bling!

One of the happiest Brides we’ve had

Dena was STUNNING; even when her veil decided to be crazy

First Look

Keith:  “Hey guys, let’s take a stroll, it will be fun!”  Hee, hee!  Oh boy, people were eating this up.  Check out the cops!

They got a standing O!

So the guys wanted to create their own “Anchorman” gang pose; lol.

The Ceremony

The Reception


OH MY, that sunset!!

Amazing group of Vendors:  Morgan Elana Salon, Dom Pat from Franklin, Lauren from LaRose Media, and Pat Bergeron from Metro Music

The artists behind the lenses:  Meg (yelling at traffic to stop for the Bride) and Keith coaxing the Bride and Groom to follow him into a heavily populated festival.  LOL!


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  1. These came out amazing, Dena! My favorite one is the standing ovation from the crowd. Priceless! Wonderful photographer!!

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