Curran & Dennis’ MASS MoCA-Museum of Modern Contemporary Art Wedding Western MA Wedding Photographer

Curran & Dennis, MASS MoCA-Museum of Modern Contemporary Art, June 24, 2016


So it goes without saying that Keith and Meghan love shooting at unique venues and this one always takes the cake.  We’ve shot multiple weddings at MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Modern Contemporary Art) and always are thrilled when we get the chance to get back there.  What can we say about this couple, UM…; they’re AMAZING!  No seriously, they are.  We felt like old friends with these two at the end of the night and didn’t want to leave.  Curran is super sweet and so very kind.  Dennis is a blast to be around.  He absolutely melts when he is around Curran (or who he affectionately calls Currie).  We just fell in love with this couple.  

The day started at the Porches Inn where both got ready.  Such a neat little hotel within walking distance to the museum.  After a first look, we headed to MASS MoCA where we had some fun taking some pictures with some of their art installments.  The couple were married in an intimate ceremony in the museum’s largest space.  Guests waved congratulation pennants as the couple walked back down the aisle.  The Reception was filled with laughter and joyous dancing as everyone enjoyed DJ Patrick Bergeron’s playlist.  It was a night to remember!

Thanks Curran and Dennis (D.Lo) for a truly unforgettable day!  You two were so much fun and we are honored that we can now call you both friends!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiate:  Francy Foral          Venue:  MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Modern Contemporary Art)          Coordinator:  Rebecca Wehry from MASS MoCA          Catering:  Lickety Split, North Adams, MA          Cake:  Wild Oats          Wedding Coordinator:  Erin Strazzulla (friend)          Music:  DJ Patrick Bergeron of Metro Music          Floral Design:  Petal and Crumb          Makeup:  Franky Bonifacio          Hair:  Ryan Sanger          Gown: Store: VOWS, Designer: Amsale          Mens’ Attire:  Bonardi’s         Rings:  Sachs Jewelers          Video:  Jim Dillon (friend)          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.

Bridal Prep.

Curran & Dennis' Wedding 2016-08-09_0002 2016-08-09_0003 2016-08-09_0004 2016-08-09_0005 2016-08-09_0006 2016-08-09_0007 2016-08-09_0008 2016-08-09_0009

Groom Prep.

2016-08-09_0010 2016-08-09_0011 2016-08-09_0012

First Look

2016-08-09_0013 2016-08-09_0014 2016-08-09_0015 2016-08-09_0016 2016-08-09_0017 2016-08-09_0018 2016-08-09_0019 2016-08-09_0020

Now to the Museum

2016-08-09_0022 2016-08-09_0023 2016-08-09_0024 2016-08-09_0025 2016-08-09_0026 2016-08-09_0027 2016-08-09_0028 2016-08-09_0029 2016-08-09_0030
2016-08-09_0032 2016-08-09_0033 2016-08-09_0034 2016-08-09_0035

Ceremony, such a neat space to get married in

2016-08-09_0036 2016-08-09_0037


2016-08-09_0038 2016-08-09_0039 2016-08-09_0040 2016-08-09_0041 2016-08-09_0042

Ha, Ha, Ha, we try to have fun; LOL

2016-08-09_0043 2016-08-09_0044


2016-08-09_0045 2016-08-09_0046 2016-08-09_0047 2016-08-09_0048 2016-08-09_0049 2016-08-09_0050 2016-08-09_0051

Great team on this one, Beauty Artists Ryan and Franky, Rebecca from MASS MoCA, one of our favorite DJ’s; Pat Bergeron and Meg and Keith


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