Colarusso Family, Chatham, NY

We often do photo sessions with newborns, young kids, and once and a while, grown-ups. But it’s not everyday we have the honor of photographing a 90 year old! Paula contacted us just days prior to the shoot.  Being recommended by another client of ours, she heard good things about us and was hoping to do a last minute shoot with her dad who was visiting from Montana.  We were able to fit them in right away and we’re so glad we got the chance to meet this family.  Paula’s dad Ed is 90 years old, but you surely wouldn’t know it from looking at these pics.  He has a spit-fire personality and is always on the move.  A true inspiration he is.  We captured some great moments between Paula and her Dad Ed.  We even got Paula’s husband and their dog involved. It was so fun talking with this family and again it was an honor to take Ed’s photograph!

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