Coffee Table Books

I wanted to post some photos and page examples to show off our newest product, the wedding coffee table book. These are very slick and modern looking ways to present your wedding photography or any photography for that matter. (I just started offering these for our portrait sessions as well!) Couples love the wrap around book jacket and also the printed hard cover. The protective book sleeve has the names of the bride and groom on the cover and comes in either red or black. Couples tend to like the 10 x10 size and we also offer parents albums in 5×5 and 7×7. Can’t forget the parents!

Each page has a smooth varnish finish.

We custom design each page to match your photographs.

The dust jacket helps protect your book while giving it that modern edge.  Very cool.

This is a great example of a cake page and a one page party photo spread.
The reception is one of the best parts of your wedding so why not have it in your album or book!

When the photos call for it, we like to add a few of these cross page spreads.   They add such a modern look to the design.

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