Cate & Brian’s E-Session, Glenville, NY

We once again had a stroke of luck for another winter E-Session and got some nice snow showers during Cate and Brian’s E-Session at their home in Glenville.  They just moved in not too long ago and were excited to do the photo shoot at their new place.  The grounds were awesome as well as the out buildings they had scattered throughout the property.  While the rest of us no longer had snow on the ground, these guys still had several inches which was perfect for the winter theme!  Despite the cold temps, these guys were troopers and did most of the session without coats! Their dog also decided to join in for a few shots.  As a matter of fact, we have many outtakes of him photo bombing the whole time! Such a fun couple to hang out with and they are always making each other laugh and smile.  We are looking forward to their wedding coming up this July!

2 thoughts on “Cate & Brian’s E-Session, Glenville, NY

  1. Amazing pictures – you can always tell how much a couple loves each other by the way they hold hands – these two are very much in love. The dog is gorgeous!

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