Carolyn & Dante’s Wedding, Key Hall, Schenectady, NY

You can never fully prepare for your wedding day. Carolyn and Dante were a bit under the weather on their day. Something I’m sure they never had planned. But that didn’t keep them down. They had a gorgeous day. We’ve had many sessions with their family in past and were honored when they asked us to capture their day. We took many of the couple and bridal party shots at Schenectady’s Central Park’s Rose Garden. It was amazing that the roses were still in bloom. Key Hall was the choice of reception venue and it sure was stunning. Not only was the inside unique, but it is situated right next to Proctor’s Theater which afforded us some really neat shots. We had a blast working with Tony from Time Capsule Photo Booths and even decided to get out mugs shot.  It was a lively and very fun evening; CONGRATS GUYS!

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Props to Carolyn’s sister Erin for doing all of the floral arrangements of the day!

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Carolyn had a hoodie made for each bridesmaid with her new initials on the sleeve.  “CSI;” very cute!

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So pretty!


Had to get one of her and her little guy!

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First look in the rose garden.

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I can’t believe the roses were still out!

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Is that kid supposed to be in the aisle?

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Great pic under Proctor’s marquis.

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Key Hall is breath-taking!


Care for a Carolyn or Dante?


Oh, the antics coming out of the vault!

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Oh no, Meg was caught and dragged out onto the dance floor! 657_ Taking it all in!

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