Cari and Joe’s Wedding – Albany, N.Y.

Our season is in full swing and I am finally taking a few minutes to update the blog.  I wanted to start with Cari and Joe’s wedding.  These guys were a blast to work with and their wedding party was a fun group!  The reception was held at the Albany Country Club and it was a non-stop party.  The dance floor was always rockin’ which makes for a great reception.  Congrats to Cari and Joe once again!

001_0256 002_0268

Beautiful dress and shoes.


A quick check of the make up. I love this photo in black and white.



Stunning eyes….


Their best Madonna Vogue impression.  I love getting them to laugh, that’s what makes this photo great.


Joe and his crew…..looking good guys.


I love capturing these moments during the reception.   Very genuine….


020_0914 021_0933

Serious smiles going on here!

023_1002 025_1095  024_1049

We did a bunch of wedding party shots, formal and informal.  But this one is when they all let loose!


Great view behind them….one of my favorites for the day.

030_1173 034_1260

I think the shot on the left is another fav.

031_1196  036_1332 038_1448

Great first dance shot in BW and Carrie is the center of attention in the shot on the right.


Yeah, she did it.  Joe was a great sport about it though!


Space was tight up by the cake area, but this super–wide angle shot came out great.


Getting the party started….


The sunglasses were a gift to all the guests.  They were a bit hit!


Cari and Joe getting down!  Very genuine expressions here.  Sums up the whole party!


Their faces had to of hurt by the end of the night!  So much smiling.  Congrats again guys!

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