Avril & Chester are EXPECTING!

It is truly a blessing when we get repeat customers.  Even more so when those customers think of us to capture some of the most cherished moments within their lives.  You might all remember the Wedding of Avril and Chester from last year.  We also did their Engagement session (see pictures below).  It was such an honor when they contacted us to schedule a maternity shoot.  We were thrilled and super excited to find out that Avril and Chester are expecting a boy, Lukas Burton, due to arrive in a few short weeks.  We did their shoot at Olana State Park in Hudson, NY.  The landscape was breathtaking and Keith and I had such a blast laughing and catching up with these two, whom we now consider close friends.  Good luck guys.  We can’t WAIT to meet Mr. Luke!

Avril and Chester’s Engagement Session, 2010, Washington Park, Albany, NY

Avril and Chester’s Wedding, Chatham, NY

Great idea on Meg’s part!  Can’t wait to meet you Luke!

It’s a BOY!

What I’m sure every pregnant woman wants her husband to do!


Cute, unique sign made by the couple!

What started out so small …

23 thoughts on “Avril & Chester are EXPECTING!

  1. Wonderful photos! Such an exciting time for you both. Now, we’re wondering about the location – where were the pictures taken? Walt guessed maybe at Olana….

  2. Thanks so much everyone for your thoughtful comments! We are really looking forward to Luke’s arrival. Meg and Keith are the best, they really make the shoot easy!

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