Ariana & Bill’s E-Session, Voorhesville, NY

Ariana and Bill have never had any professional photos taken together.  They were a little skeptical as to how the session would go.  We assured them over the phone that we make our sessions fun and comfortable.  Right from the get-go when the couple met Keith and he started cracking jokes, they were instantly put at ease.  We met up at Thatcher Park hoping for some fall color, but with the crazy recent weather, many of the leaves had been blown off the trees.  Funny enough, it actually worked to our advantage, since most leaves were on the ground.  So we used that instead, and we found an awesome birch tree that made a killer backdrop.  We can’t wait for Ariana and Bill’s Sept. 2013 wedding.  Looking forward to hanging out with you guys again!

2 thoughts on “Ariana & Bill’s E-Session, Voorhesville, NY

  1. Looks like a couple that loves autumn. I’m sure Keith and Meghan will make their September wedding pictures spectacular.

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