Mariana & Alex’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Scotia NY Wedding Photographers

Mariana & Alex, October 29, 2017, Glen Sanders Mansion #OnceUponaNeal On this wedding day, the forecast called for lots of rain, so we came prepared.  We did what we did best.  We had a plan and had to alter it because of the weather.  The day still went smooth and turned out amazing.  Mariana and…


Amanda & Mark’s Engagement Session Schenectady NY Engagement Photographers

Amanda and Mark met at the St. Anthony’s Fest in Schenectady, NY.  Amanda was with a friend when they ran into Mark (who happened to work with the friend’s boyfriend).  Later that night, Mark texted the friend asking about Amanda and they set up a time for the two to meet and hang out.  Funny…


2016 Tribute to Wedding Professionals Capital District NY Wedding Photographers

As we wrap up Hitlin Photography Inc.’s stellar 2016 wedding year, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the AMAZING and TALENTED people that we get the honor of working with each wedding.   Each of these wedding professionals go above and beyond to makes sure their wedding couples have the BEST DAY EVER….


2016 FAVORITE Hitlin Photography Inc. WEDDING COUPLE of the YEAR Capital District NY Wedding Photographers

It’s that time again for our ANNUAL Favorite Hitlin Photography Inc. Wedding Couple of the Year VOTE!  2016 was filled with many gorgeous weddings for Hitlin Photography Inc.  Each wedding was unique in its own way and we had a blast at every couple.  Now we need your help to decide who was the Favorite Wedding…


Sarah & Lou’s Engagement Session Schenectady NY Engagement Photographers

Sarah and Lou met during Sarah’s first job out of law school.  She was introduced by the woman she worked with and the two literally met in the law office when Lou came in for a meeting.  Lou asked Sarah out for drinks the following weekend and something sparked.  They hit it off immediately. Lou…


Heather & Joseph’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Scotia NY Wedding Photographers

Heather & Joseph, August 27, 2016, Glen Sanders Mansion, Scotia, NY Heather and Joe had a beautiful late summer wedding day.  Heather and her girls got ready at the Glen Sanders Mansion. After getting her gown on, we did a first reveal with the Father of the Bride and then proceeded outdoors for some shots of…