Lyndsay & Kyle’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Scotia NY Wedding Photographers

Lyndsay & Kyle, October 14, 2017, Glen Sanders Mansion #HappilyEddyAfter There is definitely something about particular couples that make all the stars align for us and Lyndsay and Kyle are one of those couples.  We hit it off right from the bat with them and we share a funny kind of sarcastic humor.  I guess…

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Lyndsay and Kyle’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Sneak Peek

Lyndsay and Kyle had an epic wedding day yesterday at the Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia, N.Y.!  Enjoy this sneak peek and check back soon for a full blog post! Love this first look reaction! The grooms father made a grand entrance! The flower girl had a Star Wars themed entrance!


Ashley & Shaun’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Scotia NY Wedding Photographers

Ashley & Shaun, March 24, 2017, Glen Sanders Mansion Ashley & Shaun were married on a winter day at the Glen Sanders Mansion.  When we arrived in the bridal suite, we quickly realized how much Ashley is loved.  She had a plethora of friends and family helping her get ready.  The mood was ecstatic and…