Erica & Jeff’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Erica and Jeff met about 10 years ago working as pharmacists.  After dating awhile, the couple planned a trip to Europe.  Jeff had attempted multiple times to propose to Erica on the trip, but when they were in the middle of the tulip fields in Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands; the perfect spot, Jeff popped…


Jamie & Shawn’s Engagement SessionAlbany NY Engagement Photographers

Jamie & Shawn met through a mutual friend one night out and about in Albany.  The two hit it off immediately.  About six years later, on a weekend away, Shawn proposed in their hotel room with candles, their favorite drink and monogrammed glasses that were set up on a tray besides a beautiful engagement ring….


Brianne & Shaun’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Brianne and Shaun met one day while Brianne was bartending at Martel’s Restaurant on the grounds of Capital Hills Golf Course.  Shaun, who golfed there on the weekends would go in to the bar for a bite to eat and a drink while there.  The two spoke here and there.  A few years later, Brianne walked into…


Sarah & Lou’s Engagement Session Schenectady NY Engagement Photographers

Sarah and Lou met during Sarah’s first job out of law school.  She was introduced by the woman she worked with and the two literally met in the law office when Lou came in for a meeting.  Lou asked Sarah out for drinks the following weekend and something sparked.  They hit it off immediately. Lou…


Kaitlyn & Sam’s Engagement Session Saratoga Springs NY Engagement Photographer

When Sam proposed to Kaitlyn, he had a surprise up his sleeve.  The couple had planned on getting a dog after Kaitlyn graduated from college and their planned vacation to California.  The night before graduation, Sam made dinner for two and told Kaitlyn he had some graduation gifts.  One thing she had to do, was close…